La Tribu Royale Dazzles at Sold Out Show at The Dirty Rabbit At Wynwood.

La Tribu Royale

Music shows don’t get sold every now and then.

It’s a feat that can only be achieved by individuals or groups with substance. La Tribu Royale band recently sold out their concert at The Dirty Rabbit Wynwood on Wednesday January 22nd. This was a massive success, made even more interesting when you realize that this is only their debut concert.

It’s been a long time coming…

La Tribu Royale does a mix of reggae, dancehall, and Spanish RnB. Their infectious style of music and rhythms are gaining more popularity and acceptance by the day after a decade of being underdogs in the Miami alternative music scene.

The recent outing at The Dirty Rabbit is another icing on the cake for La Tribu Royale. But then, this show organized by Mass Creation Events is a pivotal point in the history of this band and its rise to fame as a popular Latin Urban Alternative Band.

La Tribu Royale is having a good run and it just keeps on getting better. The recent hour long show was truly electrifying. Fans were thrilled to “Pensando en Ti”, the band’s latest release. The band also performed some of their original songs, mixing electronic beats with acoustic instruments.

La Tribu Royale continues to break into new grounds.

The newly released Pensando en Ti, which translates to ‘thinking of you’ in English has amassed over 20,000 plays on Spotify within 2 days of its release. This is yet another feather to the cap of the rapidly rising La Tribu Royale.

The single has been capturing hearts and renting airwaves since it was released some days ago.

You can also listen to it on Spotify now and hopefully, you’ll also catch on to the fever.

Photos: Nacho Gerberg